This area will broadly address the conditions that drive the development of the private sector with capital markets being a focus sub theme. Private sector development has become the cornerstone for the economic development agenda of most countries.

It is seen as a more efficient mechanism for achieving more efficient resource allocation and therefore higher rates of economic growth. However, differences exist regarding the appropriate mix of policies that drive private sector development. Discussions on this theme will therefore focus on identifying the policies that are likely to drive private sector development given the particular legal, institutional and economic conditions in Ghana.

Given that a vibrant financial sector is a prerequisite for robust private sector development, the group will explore the role of capital markets in private sector development. In response to the observed difficulties faced by the private sector in mobilizing long-term capital, the discussions will identify the policy mix that will result in a rapid development of structures that will increase the flow of debt and equity capital to the private sector. The discussion will focus on economic, legal and institutional reforms needed to effectively develop capital markets as well as the operational requirements for efficient capital markets.


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