The analysis of macro-micro linkages has emerged as an important but contentious area in national policy-making. Over the last few years, considerable progress has been made in understanding the microeconomic foundations of macroeconomic policies, particularly in relation to poverty reduction.

There has been considerable progress in developing evaluation tools and methodologies useful in addressing the problem. Nevertheless, while there are some reasons for optimism about the future, the potential contribution of these insights and tools to poverty reduction is largely unfulfilled. It is planned that the Development Economics Forum provides insight into the linkages between growth and poverty and how they are influenced by fiscal policy, monetary and financial policy, trade and exchange rate policy, among others. The role of institutions and the political economy of transformation are also key in the discussions.

Macro and micro-econometric modeling are used by researchers to develop and assess the impact of polices on different groups and on poverty reduction. There is focus on simulation at the different levels, households, sectors, regions, to assess the role of public sector spending in promoting economic growth and reducing poverty. This also includes studies into various policy options to reform government spending towards meeting the MDG goals.


The Forum seeks to establish a clear link between micro level institutions and poverty, accompanied with in-depth analysis of why and how these institutions affect the productivity of economic agents, especially the poor. There will be regular assessments of policies that affect growth, income distribution and poverty.


Finally, the Forum will develop methodologies for investigating and understanding the social and cultural underpinnings of household consumption behaviour and patterns in Ghana and how different definitions are linked to analysis of economic and social outcomes, and to policy and practice.



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