The ultimate objective of the proper management of any economy is to improve the standard of living of its residents. However, information is required for assessing the living standards from time to time in order to determine the impact of economic and social policies and programmes.

Researchers often complain about the availability of data on Ghana for their research work, hence the need for a comprehensive listing of sources of data on Ghana as well as publicizing website that provide data on Ghana.

The vision and goals of the Statistics and Data Management Caucus therefore (SDMC) are;

1. To serve as a stimulus for dialogue on Statistics and Data Management with respect to the Economy of Ghana.

2. To provide a forum for assessment and constructive criticism of current statistical and data related issues.

The SDMC is open to persons who have a degree in statistics or related academic discipline and are professionally engaged in statistical work or data management as researchers, university lecturers, policy makers, business persons, managers or as development professionals.

The Statistics and Data Management Caucus (SDMC) of the EGN was inaugurated on September 15, 2005 at the conference room of the Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research. Forty individuals and organizations were invited and a total of twenty-three were present for the meeting.
The purpose of the meeting was to;

• Find out more about the EGN

• The role of the SDMC

• Consider the agenda for the year

• Help members know each other before the e-based discussions.

The key statistical matters to be addressed by the group include;

1. Methodological issues involved in the estimation of various economic and social indices/indicators;

2. Adaptation of international recommendations (definitions, concepts and classifications). Their relevance and suitability in the Ghanaian context; and

3. Data management

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